The Real Work

Hi beautiful soul

Happy New Week to you ! Gosh there is so much moving through me at the moment. So many moments that I am filled to the absolute brim with gratitude – normally following some rather large initiations. You see, I am in the sludgy stickiness of change. I am stepping away from one way of being and towards one that makes my heart sing, that makes my skin tingle, that brings me JOY ! And that’s what life should be about – ALL-Ways – Following the light that shines the brightest

Holding space for others requires me to have gone to the places that scare me. To gently uncover the places that have been hidden for decades. To navigate the deep depths and highest highs of all of my inner landscape. I unpack, uncover, gently unfold – and in that lies the beauty. In that lies the gifts. In that lies the growth. In that all

Lies ME

I am determined and dedicated to not pass on generational trauma to my children. I am 100% committed to embracing and acknowledging and accepting ALL aspects of myself – even those that make me cry, make me feel ashamed, make me feel guilty, make me angry, make me react like a petulant child. They are all a part of me…… and you know what ? Can I tell you a little secret? They are not nearly as big as I imagined from afar. They’re not as scary

With my NLP tools in my toolbelt, I am able to step out of an associated position and reflect as a neutral observer on my experiences, my past, my memories. And in this way I am able to do it with compassion – with forgiveness – with love ❤

Life is the most incredible gift !……. When we choose to see it like that. When we choose to have those intimate moments, those sacred moments and conversations with ourselves…… with our hearts

How incredibly beautiful and apt is this poem ….

So as you navigate this week – How willing are you to have that holy conversation between yourself and your heart ?



Incase you have forgotten, or don’t know ☺


I am a trauma-informed certified Coach and NLP Practitioner. I offer one-on-one and group Coaching and NLP sessions.

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Moonchild Creations is a culmination of my passions and what makes my heart sing.

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Thank you for being in my community. I deeply appreciate you

Keep an eye out for next weeks Musings

In the mean time I wish you much health and happiness

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin ♥