About Me

My name is Svenja. Moonchild is a name that my dad gave me when I was a young girl. He believed that wherever I was in the world, if we both looked up at the moon then we would be looking back at each other. I still find myself looking at the moon, trusting that wherever he is right now that he is looking back at me.

Who am I?

I am a mother, a business owner, a project manager, a nia teacher, a student of shamanism and a continuous student of life. I have fallen many times and picked myself up, created and re-created my way of being and I continue to learn about myself and life every single day. I hope that my hunger to discover more never dies.

My true creativity only really unleashed itself a few years back when I started nia classes, in those early days as a student. Nia encouraged me to initiate a loving relationship with my body and to become more aware of the space I fill in this world. It allowed me to become more playful and expressive, helping me to learn how to be more child-like again. It has given me confidence in my ability as a person, a mother, a partner, a business owner and a teacher and it constantly encourages me to move out of my comfort zone and into a more authentic and continuous evolution of myself and what serves me and others best.

The natural flow of my desire to live a more authentic life led me to a more holistic and well-being orientated approach to the human body. I researched and developed a deeper understanding of what my family and I put into our bodies and onto our skin. Even though I have used essential oils for years, knowing their benefits and potentiality, I have realised that I never truly understood the composition and benefits on a cellular level. Since becoming a dōTERRA wellness advocate, my arena of knowledge around the use of pure essential oils has magnified and from there it was a natural evolution to create roller oil blends. These initially were created for my needs and that of my family, but once we started using them we found our friends asking where they could buy some, and so organically it has grown into a business that has my roller oil blends as a must-have in every home, office, hand bag, school bag and briefcase.

In the continuous journey to deepen my understanding of who I am, I found myself on a Shamanic path of learning that has nourished my soul on a deep cellular level. I have established an even deeper love and respect for nature and the world around me, heightening my sense of the incredible weave of inter-connection with every living being on this planet. The traditional Native American crafts that I have created in my training have brought me so much joy in both the making and the use of them, that it feels so natural to share them with the world.

I am multi-faceted, like a prism in the sunlight. Feel free to explore my site, go to the pages that resonate with you and lightly touch those that don’t. My intention is to share a part of myself with the world – to share out some of the beauty and the gratitude and gifts that I have been given.

Thank you for being here, for reading this. I hope to see you here often.