About Me

My name is Svenja. Moonchild is a name that my dad gave me when I was a young girl. He believed that wherever I was in the world, if we both looked up at the moon then we would be looking back at each other. I still find myself looking at the moon, trusting that wherever he is right now that he is looking back at me.

Who am I?

I am an Alchemist of Change, a mom, creator of the powerfully healing Tahira-na process as well as a Nia teacher, facilitator of Cacao and conduit for Women Navigating Transformation. I feel my heart expand when I witness others stepping in to their authentic power and healing. My own personal transformation over the last 11 years has encouraged me to hold space for others to do the same, as I effortlessly weave my project management skills and deep understanding of authentically being in the body together, into a dance that whole-heartedly serves transformation on all levels.

This site is a beautiful collective of some of what sets my Soul on Fire, my Meraki, the gifts I love to bring to the world. Like a prism in the sunlight, dance with me through the pages, pausing where you feel called to and dance over others. I would love to get in touch – please reach out.

Thank you for being here, for reading this. I hope these pages get to see you often.