Are you ready for Question 3 ?

Hi beautiful soul,

Easter Celebration – I hope that you enjoyed time with loved ones and that you got to spend some time alone with yourself too

The Three Questions are:

Who Am I ?
What is real ?
What is love ?

Simple right ?  And in this simplicity lies the power – let’s dive in


You will know love when you realize what love is not

What is love begins with a change in perspective around being separate – Me versus Everything. This gets you to dig deeper into the Truth, which is the reality of you. Too much time is spent in our heads – judging, berating, criticizing. And all of this feeds into the separation from the ALL. When we are able to soften the internal dialogue and realise that the biggest crimes we commit are against ourselves, then we begin to tap into the expansiveness of Love. Love is not just an emotion that is felt. It is not just words that we speak to others. Love is energy and therefore has no beginning nor end. Love is unconditional – as it is energy. What makes Love painful for us humans is that we make it conditional. We might not say out loud ‘I love you IF you ……’ but it is our intention based on the society that we have been raised in. We are taught that in order to be lovable, we need to

Be good looking

Be clever

Be polite

Be a good cook

Be Creative

Be Funny

The list goes on and on. These restrictions and conditions that we place on ourselves then get cast onto others as well. What we don’t realize is that we do not need to tick one single box on the list and we will still be deserving of receiving love and giving it out. Love does not require sacrifice. And Love begins in your own heart – for self. Loving yourself is not selfish or egoistical – It is the deepest form of honoring yourself you can perform.

So I have a task for you this week. Could you make a list of just 5 things you can do to really show yourself some love

I’ll share my list in order to get your creative juices flowing

1. Going for long beach walks

2. Taking a nap when I need it

3. Doing my morning rituals

4. Spending time each day, barefoot in my garden, with my tortoises (which is also my time to connect with the spirit of my mom)

5. Watering my herbs and vegetables

Your list could comprise of ANYTHING. There is no right or wrong. The list can also change from time to time or one week to another. It is always about connecting to what your soul needs from you in order to feel loved and appreciated 💓

How does that feel / resonate in your body ? I would really love to know ❣


Incase you have forgotten, or don’t know ☺


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Thank you for being in my community. I deeply appreciate you Keep an eye out for next weeks Musings.

In the mean time I wish you much health and happiness.

Chat soon ♥