How it is today ......

Hi beautiful soul

Happy New Week to you ! How has your week been ?

I would like to share part of my story with you. 12 years ago is a time that holds memories of navigating a few challenges. I was 3 months pregnant and beginning to navigate my separation from my husband. I had found out that he had been unfaithful again and I knew if things weren’t changing while I was carrying his second child, that it never would. What ensued was a dissolving of everything that held me safe. My marriage, our business that we had together, our house, my car, our lifestyle, my way of being. I moved in with my parents in the December of 2010, with 2 young children and my pride in my pocket. I couldn’t afford to live in my house anymore. I had no work – I was juggling raising my two precious little beings alongside the horrid legal battle of getting divorced, alongside navigating what the hell I was going to do and who the hell I was.

The following March my father died, in front of my eyes. He dropped down with no warning. I tried to resuscitate him, to no avail. My dad was my rock, he was my hero. He was my ever constant. He was my moms best friend. We had both lost our stable support. I had lost all masculine support in my life in the space of a few months. I am so incredibly grateful that my mom and I were together for this phase of our lives.

I felt ripped apart in every way. I felt lost. I felt broken. I felt devastated.

Yet simultaneous to this I felt freedom. I felt courageous. I felt capable. I knew that this was not where my story ended. I knew that I would pick myself up and carry on. I knew it would not always be like this.

So I started repeating a mantra. I said it in the shower, I said it in my car, at my desk, whilst putting my kids to bed. Every time I felt the waves of overwhelm come crashing in – I would repeat it ……

I have used this mantra for more than 10 years. Sometimes I need to use it more than others.
It reminds me that I am resilient.
It reminds me that I am strong and courageous.
It reminds me that no matter how fucking hard today feels, it won’t feel like this tomorrow.

If I keep looking up. If I keep my gaze on my goal – it will be different. Not always better – but different. And that is good

Metaphysically we always want there to be movement – like the Chi (energy) in the body. When it is stuck it causes dis-ease. When it flows it’s good – as then it will always find a good healthy rhythm.

So this is what I wish for you – as you navigate the challenges and the ups and downs in your life, that you embody the fact that how it is today is not how it will be tomorrow

Sending you so much love and if you need to reach out or want support on your journey – I am here 💗


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In the mean time I wish you much health and happiness

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin ♥