Nia is based on the intelligent design of the body. Each workout brings mindfulness to your dance movement experience, leaving you energized, mentally clear and emotionally balanced.

What is nia?

The Nia technique is a sensory-based movement practice that empowers people of all shapes and sizes to step into a more joyful relationship with their bodies and movement. Nia combines Martial Arts, Healing Arts and Dance Arts to create a high-powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match. Part choreographed and part free-form, nia delivers a solid aerobic workout, with each experience adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Classes are generally done barefoot to soul-stirring music that motivates every part of you to move. Step into your own joyful journey with nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live.

Online Nia via ZOOM

Join me for a Nia class from the comfort of your own home or space that you happen to be in, anywhere in the world. Classes are an hour long in duration and are done to music and with clear instructions from me. You will be able to follow me on your device screen in real time. Nia can be modified for almost any body size, fitness level, age and or ability. Every move can be done at varying levels and the practise encourages you to truly listen to what your body needs – movement is health. Our body needs movement to generate healing and well-being if we listen to it and are honest with ourselves about what feels good and what doesn’t. I would encourage you to really feel into what your body needs, allowing the body to lead and not the mind

Every Nia class follows a 7 step cycle:

  • Setting of Focus & Intent ~ by setting a focus and an intent we bring ourselves into the present moment
  • Stepping in ~ by consciously stepping in we prepare our bodies and minds for the activity that lies ahead of us
  • Warm up ~ this part of the cycle moves our body more gently and warms up the joints and muscles
  • Get going ~ this is the longest section of the cycle and is designed to encourage cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise
  • Cool down ~ In this part of the cycle we start slowing the movements and therefore the heart rate down
  • Floor Play ~ every class ends on the floor to allow your body to stretch and release the activity but also to encourage movement on and off the floor to keep the body conditioned
  • Stepping out ~ we consciously step out of class, thereby mentally and physically ending off the activity session

How to get the best out of your Zoom class experience:

  • Download the Zoom app onto your computer, laptop, tablet or phone and sign up for a Free plan. You don’t need more than the free plan as only the host (in this instance me) needs to have a professional account. Find the download link here: Zoom app
  • Create a space that will allow you to move freely (at least an area of 5m² – either inside or outside if you can). Please pay attention to the space you have to move. Be mindful of the area and what furniture or objects may affect your movements. If you are dancing on a non-sprung floor, please be more aware of sensations in your body and make adjustments accordingly
  • Set up your device and if you are able to, connect an external speaker or wireless earphones. Its best to hear the music well and loudly. If you have an HDMI cable you can connect your device to your TV which will make the experience even better
  • Sign in at least 10 minutes before class starts and test your audio and video settings
  • Have water at hand and a yoga mat for floor play and cool down. Layers to put on and off as you move through the cycles are also advisable
  • In the 10 minutes before class starts, we can connect to one another and check in
  • Once class starts I will mute everyone to ensure we don’t have feedback. If your connection is unstable you can switch your video off. After class you can unmute yourself to connect and say goodbye
  • Ideally please put everything except the device connected to Zoom off or on airplane mode to ensure that you get the best possible connection and signal
  • Use Gallery view to see others before and after class and Speaker view during class
  • Remember to always choose JOY for YOU

Thank you for stepping in

The only way that I am surviving lock down is nia. Svenja is giving amazing, energizing, uplifting, and community connecting classes via Zoom, highly recommend you join them for your body and mind.

I started Nia nearly 6 years ago, all thanks to Svenja who took me under her wing amidst the most bizarre circumstances. I have watched her grow through her Nia practice as she moved from being just a student of it all to beginning her own Nia teaching chapter and starting her own Nia community. The love, integrity and deep sense of gratitude with which she holds space is a beautiful experience to be a part of and share in. The enthusiasm and play like quality that she brings to every one of her classes leaves me sweaty, breathless (literally LOL) and always looking forward to the next opportunity to dance with her. My life will forever be changed because of Nia with Svenja and the gratitude I have for the wonderful world it has opened for me can only be expressed in the beauty of dancing it.

Svenja is a fun, passionate and energetic nia instructor who always goes above and beyond to ensure we get a good workout! Awesome classes!

Nia dance classes with Svenja are the only thing that’s getting me through this lockdown! It’s not only a dance class, it’s like therapy as well – I get so much out of it – and have fun! Thank you so Svenja. We’ve only met online but you have such an amazing energy.

Being able to step into a Nia class with Svenja carries the promise of transforming a difficult day into a deep joyful smile, and a pleasant day into a magical one! Whichever way you look at it, it’s a sacred gift you should offer your being.

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