Taking Time Out

Hi beautiful soul,

Happy New Week !

This past weekend I had an opportunity to not DO anything. This is quite unusual for me as I tend to live a life that is very full. It is full of things that I LOVE, full of my children, my partner, my friends, my shamily, coaching and helping others to heal, ceremonies, workshops and retreats, spending time outdoors doing sunsets, paddles, hiking, cycling…….. I really live a very rich and abundantly beautiful life

BUT I do not often have the time to be alone at home and to not have much to do

Disconnect to Reconnect

So here’s the thing. I am acutely aware of the fact that the world we live in is filled with expectations. Expectations on our time, our abilities, our energy, our talents. It is easy for others to NEED or WANT a part of us, of our time. I have a tendency to say yes to support my friends and family, even when sometimes I really don’t feel that I have the time or energetic capacity to say yes.

So this weekend has been about ME ! I have said NO to others and YES to me

I remember reading so many times over the years about filling my own cup first, looking after myself first – but honestly those words have often washed over me as I have just gotten on with life. I get so entrenched in being a people pleaser, that the thought of putting myself first is quite alien.

NO MORE (well not this weekend at least 🤣). This weekend I disconnected from the world in order to reconnect with myself – and let me tell you…….


I binge watched Netflix, ate when I wanted to and what I wanted to (ceremonial cacao for breakfast YUM!), rested, pottered, journaled, gardened, sat staring at the ceiling and slept

I can feel my energetic cup is fuller, I can feel my state has shifted, I can feel that how I am present in the world is different ……

So here’s the question – when last did you do that ? ❣


Incase you have forgotten, or don’t know ☺


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Thank you for being in my community. I deeply appreciate you. Keep an eye out for next weeks Musings.

In the mean time I wish you much health and happiness.

Chat soon ♥