Are you ready for Question 2 ?

Hi beautiful soul,

How are you and how was your week last week ? How did it feel to delve into the first question – Who am I ?

The Three Questions are:

Who Am I ?
What is real ?
What is love ?

Simple right ?  And in this simplicity lies the power – let’s dive in

What is real ?

You will know what is real when you know what is not real

What is real asks you to challenge the stories you tell yourself and others. These stories have become your reality, but are they the truth ? Are they real ? When you can no longer see yourself as a product of life or a victim of your circumstances, you begin to challenge what you think you know. And in this challenging process, lies the uncovering of the truth and therefore the discovering what is real.

Here is a suggested exercise as you begin to move in the world with this awareness :

As a thought, judgement or feeling becomes apparent in your mind and or body, take a moment to connect to that. And ask yourself – where is this coming from ? Is it coming from a reactive place or space (which is always rooted in past experience and therefore shrouded by fear, judgement and expectation). Is it coming from a desire to be hurtful, spiteful or prove yourself (which is rooted in ego) or is it coming from a place of deep knowing in the gut, from intention and from love (then you know that this is your truth)

For me, being real has been a process of unlearning who I thought I was and constantly asking myself where my thoughts or feelings or emotions are coming from. I am still learning and unpacking what is real. I believe for me it will be a journey I will walk for many moons to come. What I do know is that as my awareness has increased, so has my ability to trust the truth and therefore what is real ❣

How does that feel / resonate in your body ? I would really love to know ❣


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In the mean time I wish you much health and happiness.

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