Three questions - Who am I?

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I’m not sure about you, but I absolutely love Don Miguel Ruiz and his insights. I have also loved delving a bit deeper into the 4 Agreements over the last few weeks. For me, they never get old. I find that I learn something new about myself every time I look at them.

With the above in mind, I would love to stay with Don Miguel. For the next 3 weeks I’m going to unpack three very simple, yet incredibly powerful questions that he poses for us to discover and master the power within.

The Three Questions are:

Who Am I ?
What is real ?
What is love ?

Simple right ?  And in this simplicity lies the power – let’s dive in


Of course I know who I am – what a daft question !! (this was my initial response when I read this first question). Did I though?
Who Am I asks us to first unpack who we are not. It would be interesting for me to see what your initial response is to the question. Naturally we start listing off things like, I am a child, I am mom or dad, I am an employee, I am a business owner, I am a sibling, I am a partner…….. then we might edge towards things like – I am smart, I am gentle, I am strict, I am a naturist, I am joyful etc. All of these responses are good, so keep them coming. What it does is it starts to open up the neural pathways for new ways of looking at yourself – digging below what you identify with and getting closer to who you are. We put a lot of faith in our identity and expect it to matter to other people! The construct of who you think you are is just that – a construction of reality that exists only in your mind.

The you that you believe in, the you that you hope others see – is that really who you are at your core ? Sometimes you could spend a whole lifetime showing up in a way that is not authentically you If you are keen to delve into this question of who you are, here is a fun exercise to play with. Grab some paper and a pen and let’s write down:

  • What words best describe you
  • In three words, describe your personality
  • What do you like doing the most
  • What are 3 of your favourite foods
  • List five of your dominant interests
  • What are your core values (the most important things to you) ?
  • What would you say your weaknesses are ?
  • What do you dislike the most in life ?
  • When last did you sing ?
  • When last did you dance ?
  • When last did you play ?

There is no right or wrong way of approaching this and there are definitely no right or wrong answers. You can choose to delve into all of the questions or some.

All of this is an opportunity to become more self-aware, to become more authentic, to show up in this world as the best possible version of yourself. And the more you do that – the more you will figure out who is.

Have FUN with it!

How does that feel / resonate in your body ? I would really love to know ❣


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Thank you for being in my community. I deeply appreciate you Keep an eye out for next weeks Musings and the Second Question.

In the mean time I wish you much health and happiness.

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